Welcome to Adulting 101

Being an adult is hard, isn’t it? It’s amazing how if you let even one little thing slide, the rest of the mountain can come crashing down.

Take my living room, for example. That rug in front of the stairs is covering a piece of plywood where a giant, round 1960s fireplace used to be. My wife Josie and I ripped it out a few weeks ago even though we aren’t ready to lay new flooring yet (But it’s over there in the upper right corner!). We had actually just finished a separate project and already had a dumpster on hand, so we decided to go for it. We’re so happy to have it out of the way, but holy eyesore!

And I have found that because we’re in the middle of this project and the living room is already “messed up”, I care less and less about what the rest of the room looks like.

The couch is covered in pillows from a pillow fight my son Max and I had earlier. And the blankets are permanent fixtures for cold feet and gross dog butt cover.

The coffee table has some new “comfy shorts” for Max (no buttons and no zips!) that we just bought today, along with the discarded tags that were ripped off after the official fashion show.

God, I love Kelly

My son left his coin bank out after checking to see if he had two bucks to unlock the last level of his Blaze and the Monster Machines game. He didn’t. You can also see my dog’s collar attached to his cone of shame. I took him to the vet today for an ear infection after he scratched one of his ears raw. Oops.

On the far side of the room, Max has taken over the old fireplace/rug area as his living room play space. It is constantly covered in Legos and other blocks. And a grocery bag of pads, apparently. It’s important for boys to learn about feminine hygiene products early, right? Have fun playing with those, buddy!

This baby-free house has a baby gate propped up against the boxes of wood flooring because our dog is a jerk who tears apart the upstairs bathroom garbage every chance he gets, so we’re forever blocking the stairs. The giant cushions over there are from the previously mentioned pillow fight. And that cute hexagon shelf has been sitting on the misplaced entry table for probably about a year. So sad. Yoga mats nearby give the impression that we work out, but that hasn’t happened in months. I’ve replaced exercise with eating ice cream. I keep telling myself it’s just for the summer, but, hey, anything could happen!

In short, this place is a disaster. The floor got trashed, and I let everything else go. As adults, we need to let things slide sometimes, and it’s fine. Eventually, the room will start to drive me crazy, and I’ll clean it up and hope it stays that way for at least five minutes before my dog and kid (and myself, who am I kidding?) get it to this state again.

What I’m trying to do with Adulting 101 is: 1. Present an honest, unstaged view of what adult life is really like (uh, see above), 2. Help simplify ideas and processes that lots of people overcomplicate, driving themselves crazy in the process, and 3. Share my life and journey to and through adulthood. I’ve learned a LOT along the way, and while I’m no pro at adulting, I think I’ve gotten some things figured out.

Just don’t tell my kitchen that.