About Me

samHi, I’m Sam! Growing up, I thought Samantha was the worst name for a baseball-playing, G.I. Joe-loving, three-brother-having tomboy. There’s no way a name that fancy could fit me! So, I insisted that everyone call me Sam. As I’ve gotten (much, much) older, I’ve become more comfortable with Samantha, but Sam still seems to reflect my life and personality a bit better.


I live in Central Illinois with my wife, Josie and our six-year-old son, Max. We have a hyperactive dog, a sunshine kitty, and four squawky chickens, and we like to spend our evenings playing Spongebob Uno and seeing who can make the tallest block tower. We cook, clean, eat, dance, veg, build, play, read, learn and grow together – just normal family stuff.

IMG_1988Josie is a structural engineer, and I am a design fanatic. We are both (very) amateur furniture builders with dreams to furnish our entire house with our creations. Together, we are renovating our 1960 Mid-century modern home one room at time, meaning we are constantly living in a construction zone, but we love it!

DSC_0825For the last fourteen years I’ve been a language arts teacher at the junior high level, but writing has always been a passion of mine. When I care about something, it is the best way I know how to communicate my feelings with the world. I have spent my entire career trying to instill that same love of writing in my students, and now I am excited to take some time to focus more on my own writing journey. Please feel free to contact me if you have more questions or are interested in hiring me. Thanks for visiting!