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How to Have More Fun in Life

talk like a pirate

Did you guys know that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Yep, it’s really a thing. And since its inception in 2002, I have been celebrating by not only talking like a pirate, but also dressing like one.

Witness the ridiculousness:

talk like a pirate
talk like a pirate

This year I got to read a story to all of the kids at my son’s school during their lunch period. That’s him up there sporting the same exact face as me. Face twins!

I used my biggest, graveliest, piratey-est voice to read the book (twice), and it was as hilarious and awesome as I thought it would be. The kids loved the book, but I think it was the voice that really got them going.

talk like a pirate day
Oh, the stomping.

As I was reading, I saw several adults out of the corner of my eye as they walked past the lunch room. All of them smiled, some of them laughed, and a few of them shook their heads.

I know that head shake. It’s the same head shake I get when I sign up to sing at karaoke. It’s the same head shake I got when I played roller derby. That head shake has been a routine presence in my life, and is usually followed up by one of the following comments:

  • “You’re crazy.”
  • “I could never do or wear or say whatever you are doing or wearing or saying.”
  • “Yeah, I’m too old for that.”
  • “You’re crazy.”

Sure, I’m an extrovert, but it’s still hard for me to hear people say those things. There are only so many eye rolls you can witness before you really start to wonder if you’re as immature as people think you are. So, as I was stomping and bellowing and growling, and seeing adults walk by who would never!, I admit, it gave me a moment’s pause. I felt the insecurity that people like me (goofballs) sometimes feel when they are being watched.

And it got me thinking about how we become adults and “fun” takes on this whole new meaning: parties, drinking, sex – you know, FUN stuff that adults get to do! But, sadly, it seems like the further we get into adulthood, the less fun we have. Especially parents. Most of us have kids and then spend the next 18 years watching THEM have fun.

But don’t you miss the type of fun you had as a kid? The genuine, belly-ache-laughing kind of fun that comes with being an absolute doofus? And just doing whatever you want and not caring what people think because you’re having the time of your life over here?!

Having fun is FUN! So, because I am a perpetual 13-year-old stuck in a 37-year-old body, I am going to help you figure out how to inject more silliness and mirth into your life.


LAUGH MORE. It seems painfully obvious, I know, but one of the easiest things you can do to have more fun is to laugh as much as humanly possible. 

So, watch a favorite show that cracks you up, look up funny videos on YouTube (Corgis twerking?! I’m in!), or seriously just go to Pinterest and type funny in the search box. You will not be disappointed.If you like your hilarity to be more spontaneous, like a funny page on Facebook (I like Humans of Tumblr), find a humourous Tweeter, or find a funny celebrity to follow on Snapchat (Josh Peck of Drake and Josh fame is quite entertaining. Username: joshuapeck).

PLAY. When I say play, I’m talking about something interactive. So, while I absolutely LOVE playing Sudoku on my phone for two hours a day (yes, really), that’s not the kind of play I have in mind. I played roller derby for four years, and it was the most fun thing I’ve ever done. I loved that game with my whole heart. And because it’s a group sport, I met a lot of really amazing people that became my lifelong friends.

roller derby
Me as Fifi Fo Fum playing as a PolkaBot

Obviously, you don’t have to play roller derby. But remember that playing is why we had so much fun as kids, so try to find a way to recapture that if you can. Join a kickball league, play softball, have a tea party with your kids, kick around a soccer ball in the yard, play fetch with your dog, join a knitting circle or a book club or a gang…no. Wait. No gangs! It doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive or cult-ish (because roller derby is definitely a “drink the koolaid” kind of sport). Just PLAY!

Tennis lessons with some of my very best friends

DO SOMETHING SILLY. I know. You’re a grown up. You have a very adult job. You have bills to pay, and dinner to make, and retirement planning to take care of. You like to binge watch entire series on Netflix and drink wine while you complain about your boss. It’s all very mature.

And that’s not me judging at all, because that is also MY life 90% of the time. But the other 10% of the time (maybe more!) is pure silliness. Sometimes you just have to dress like a pirate.

Or Mario and Luigi
mario and luigi

Or Freddy Kruger at Christmas

Or throw on a lei.1475907_10152337760981639_1784012345_n

Or dress yourself up in Photoshop.


Or dance around in your underwear, or make up a stupid voice for
your dog, or draw eyebrows on a baby, or ask the lady at the McDonald’s drive through for a buttload of ketchup. Whatever silliness comes to mind, just go for it. You will thank yourself for letting go.

Being an adult is ROUGH. Sometimes I feel like I’m literally slogging through each day. I can get so stuck in my everyday life, and it hurts my soul when that happens. There are seriously times when I could cry because I have to blow dry my hair AGAIN?! Ugh.

But laughing, playing, being silly…I mean, what are we wading through all the crap for if we don’t get to have a little fun now and then? Find ways to enjoy yourself, friends! You deserve it!

Talk to me – what do you do for fun? I need some new ideas!




4 thoughts on “How to Have More Fun in Life”

  1. I love this! I agree that adults need to stop caring so much about what others think and just have fun and enjoy life. What are your thoughts on practical jokes? Gluing a quarter to the ground and watching the aftermath from afar – funny or no?

    1. I like harmless practical jokes, but they just never really occur to me. I think it would be hilarious to watch my son try to pick up a quarter glued to the ground!

  2. I love this and it’s all so true! Sometimes as an adult I feel like I actually need to *remind* myself to have some fun! I’ve found myself on many occasions pulling up the “humor” section on Pinterest and scrolling and scrolling until something strikes me as funny and I can REALLY laugh! It helps at the end of a long day!!

    Honestly, I haven’t done many over-the-top crazy fun things lately (sad!) but I’d love to join a volleyball league of some sort eventually. Social interactions with other adults that have nothing to do with work, kids, or spouses are always fun! ? Thanks for sharing…

    1. It feels like the saddest thing ever to have to MAKE yourself have fun, but that’s how adulthood is. Volleyball would be awesome – definitely missing team sports!

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